Bnw is an interior design house founded by Calvin Chan, a veteran interior designer who has more than 15 years of professional  experiences in interior designing  together with another partner, Ricky Chew who has been an industry player for more than 22 years of interior designing experiences .

The philosophy of the company name, bnw is a translation of the all time classic duo, black and white, where the specialty of the design house falls on the design that takes the centre idea of black and white as well as black and white for the documentation.
By then, bnw is brave to take the risk to create the niche market in this industry, which is another manner to make the company and their design specialty to stand out. In view of the increasing demands of Malaysians and other Asian countries in the interior design market, bnw is hence formed to cater to those tasteful Malaysians for their hunger of greater living tastes that directly linked to the enhancement of living standards and the fast paced property development. Providing professional interior fit out work solutions to their growing list of clientele in the commercial spaces, retails and residential projects, bnw is upholding to their design philosophy of black and white combining with the wood veneer with the client’s personal favourite colour to craft a sophisticated living space that bespeaks of either modernistic sleek design to reflect the clean cut, simplistic and nice design. After all, bnw believes in the stylish theory of “less is more”.

Besides that, their expertise also emphasizes on the lighting control and the ambience created, perfectly translating the concept of bnw is equivalent to a balanced idea, the ying and yang. At the end of the day, the clientele’s satisfactions is bnw top priority as bnw work for their customers and simultaneously helping them to achieve their ultimate dream of lives, to live in a tasteful living environment that promises comfort and exude great style.